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Part of our Luvrs Era Collection <3 


This army liner is sourced from vintage military gear. Each one is unique and no two will be the same. Please select your general size and the coat selected will be 'dealer's choice' meaning we will match you with your own special item. If you have any preferences please include those in the order notes example: 'light blue and boxy fit'. 


The jackets are embroidered with love here in California <3 'SF is for lovers' on the back and 'indigo sf' on the front. 


Item details:

- Most fit 'boxy' and 'oversized' 

= The quilted material is super lightweight but keep you very warm for that SF chill

- Please match your size to a modern sizing, we will match you with the best fit since all jackets will vary

Sf Luvrs Vintage Army Liner

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