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1649 Haight Street

San Francisco CA 94117

Open 7 days a week

Mon - Wed : 11am - 7pm

Thur - Sun : 11am - 730pm

Welcome to Indigo

Indigo is inspired by the place in-between blue and purple, the Indigo Children of the world, and our love for all things vintage. Female-owned and operated, we fondly call our team the Indigo Gals. We started in 2018 in our hometown of Berkeley, California as one of the first vintage cooperatives. Since then we have expanded into multiple cities and ventures, founding our outdoor marketplace and sister shops The So-so Market and So-so Supermarket. 


We have since established our two little shops to house curated vintage and homewares, employee crafts and finds, and gifts & souvenirs. We are an official Dreams retailer and stock Sonny Angels and Smiskis.


You can now shop us on Haight Street, the best hotspot for vintage and secondhand shopping in San Francisco or on Telegraph Avenue, just two blocks from CAL University.


Visit us 7 days a week when you visit the beautiful Bay.



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