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*Note pre-orders only for pick-up at Berkeley shop 2/3 or ship out 2/5, will arrive in time for Valentines, IN-store orders will come wrapped in an Indigo gift bag with tissue paper.


The PERFECT addition to your collection or Valentines/birthday/just cause gift for someone very special. This is the first line of Sonny Angel plush toys. 


More Details from Dreams:


This is a first edition Sonny Angel plushie in a cute rabbit costume. The rabbit is about 26 cm tall. Its size makes it perfect for hugging or sitting on your lap. Each Sonny Angel plush has a refreshing and soft “angel scent”. He appeals to various senses – sight (cute), touch (soft) and smell (scent).


The carrot accessory and Sonny Angel’s hands contain magnets so the carrot can be removed. His jointed arms can move freely, so you can adjust him to different poses. What cute pose can you think of for Sonny Angel?


We didn’t forget Sonny Angel’s trademark wings on his back. Combined with his round and fluffy tail, each Plush Collection back is also adorable.


Color options:


White Rabbit


Pink Rabbit


Each Plush Collection figure is gift-boxed with a space dedicated to writing a message, making it a wonderful gift item. There is also a certificate card included on which you can write your name, the nickname of the plush toy and the date you received it.

Cuddly Rabbit Sonny Angel Plushie

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