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Perfect gifts for your BFF or loved ones, and for anyone who loves vintage or is interested in learning more/trying out a few pieces. Each box is hand curated and styled for individuals based on their style, interests, inspiration and sized to their unique needs. All boxes are available for free local drop off to Berkeley, San Francisco and Santa Cruz residents or $20 flat domestic shipping. All items are 100% exchangeable if you don't love the item or it doesn't fit. Since box items will be heavily discounted, exchanges will only be 60% retail value. 

Starter Box $100

- 2-3 tops (graphic tee or femme, your choice)

- 1 sweater/outerwear or bottom/dress

- 1-2 Indigo Home + Gift

Example: average tee/top $25-45, average outerwear $35-75/average bottom $35-120 + Indigo home + gift. Average savings 40% off.


Full disclosure, when your purchase a mystery box we appreciate your support and are 100% going to hook it up <3 

*Indigo boxes are currently in BETA and available in limited quantities.

Starter Mystery Box

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