Indigo showcases local vintage curators monthly, each shop has over ten vendors that curate their own style, brand and shopping environment. 

Our customers will always find something different on every rack. The vintage styles range in date from true vintage to 90's + Y2k fashion. Our shared retail environment not only provides more options, but a sustainable approach to brick-and-mortar commerce. 

We do 100% of our sales in-person, connecting with locals, visitors and our neighborhood communities. By selling in the co-op, vendors are able to showcase their brands without compensating quality or originality, while saving valuable time and resources. As a Co-op, we pride ourselves in a family based community of vendors, where competition is non-existent. Our structured inventory and restock routines make vending quick and easy.





Indigo has new vendors rotate  in every season. Below you can find our price list by season and vendor application. 

Vendor Application ✿

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